Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Selecting a Visitation Service

For many people, having a judge order a parent to have supervised visits with their children is a shock. It's certainly something most people don't think about unless and until it's required.  As a result, the task of selecting an agency can often feel overwhelming, especially with the added pressure that you won't be able to see your child again until you've found an agency to supervise the visit.

At Children First, we strive to make this stressful process as simple and straightforward as possible.  We require a copy of court orders related to visitation, a signed contract and some basic information about you and your child/children.  After an intake interview of both parents (which can be done over the phone) we pair you up with a social worker.  We make every effort to keep that same social worker on the case for the duration of the supervised visits since we know continuity is very important for all involved... especially the children.

Within 48 hours of the visit, the social worker will draft a report detailing how the visit went.  This report is sent to both parties and their lawyers, if desired.

We realize being required to have supervised visitation is difficult on parents and children. Our goal is to provide professional, licensed social workers who can help make the situation a little easier for the children, while offering both parents reassurance that the child will be safe and visit carefully documented.

If you have any questions about Children First and the service we offer, please do not hestitate to call us 206-491-2452 or email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to Children First Visitation and Transportation Services' Blog

As we approach our one year anniversary, it seems appropriate to join the online blogging world.

First and foremost, a most sincere thank you for all of the referrals that come in each week.  It is very appreciated and we at Children First are proud to provide professionally licensed social workers for supervised visits and to be a member of the Supervised Visitation Network.

We have also received excellent feedback about our wonderful and professional social workers.  We feel extremely fortunate that they have chosen to work for our agency.  Not only do they provide exceptional visitation supervision, but they are also diligent about issuing reports to all parties within 48 hours of each visit.

We anticipate using this blog as a resource for parents involved in supervised visits and for providing additional information and ideas to make this process more enjoyable.  We know for many clients, this is their first exposure to having to be supervised by a third party when seeing their children.  It can be difficult and stressful.  Our agency strives to make the process not only safe and secure for the children, but to allow the parent to be a parent.

This weekend, we encourage parents to visit Medina Days where Hopelink will have a booth selling ice cream and lemonade with all proceeds going to help people in need.

It is never too early to mark your calendars for the Children Resource Center's Taste of Main event in downtown Bellevue next Saturday, August 20th.  My wife is a former Board Member and active supporter of the CRC and we would love to have another wonderful turnout for this year's event.